Hilderbran to GOP Opponents: Where’s Your Plan?

March 3, 2014

Comptroller’s Office is ‘Too Important’ Not to Have a Plan of Action

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Conservative Republican candidate for Texas Comptroller Harvey Hilderbran, the chairman of the Texas House Ways and Means committee, today made his closing argument with a summary of his ten-point Performance Pledge to the voters, his platform in this campaign that serves as his plan of action if he is elected.  Hilderbran has unveiled a comprehensive, substantive platform to improve the Comptroller’s office and fight for taxpayers.

“I like my three Republican opponents, but I am the candidate who has offered a specific, substantive plan outlining the solutions needed to improve this office for taxpayers,” said Hilderban.  “The Comptroller’s office is too important not to have a plan.  Glenn Hegar has failed to offer a plan, avoided real substance this entire campaign, given transparency only lip service and insulted the voters.  Raul Torres has been the most serious of my opponents, consistently talking about our long-term debt, but his Texas Finance Plan, while helpful, offers little for specific improvements in how the office is run day to day, which is the first priority.  Debra Medina has raised smart, thought-provoking questions about the Property Tax and the Franchise Tax, but also has not directly addressed the office’s leadership shortcomings with a specific plan.  There’s a difference in this race.  I have spent three years overseeing and closely studying the Comptroller’s office, and I have released a credible ten-point plan for how to improve how the office is run for the benefit of our state and taxpayers.”

Hilderbran’s Performance Pledge includes these proposals:

  1. Instill ‘Rapid-Response’ Customer Service
  2. Interest Rate Parity
  3. Protect our State from IRS Abuse
  4. Implement Taxpayer Bill of Rights
  5. Conduct More Performance Reviews to Cut Waste, Fraud, Abuse and Duplication
  6. Protect Texans’ Personal Data
  7. Continue and Expand Transparency Initiative
  8. Improve Revenue Estimates
  9. Create ‘Taxpayer Advocate’ Office
  10. Thorough Review During Transition

“With a Taxpayer Bill of Rights, we can level the playing field between the state and taxpayers,” said Hilderbran.  “With Performance Reviews, we can cut costs and improve efficiency.  With better customer service, we can save businesses time and money.  With better revenue estimates, we can give the legislature more accurate information so they can make better decisions. Voters have a choice.  Voters deserve for candidates to tell them what they will do if they are elected.  I have done that.”

More information about Harvey’s Performance Pledge to the voters, including his comprehensive Texas Taxpayers Bill of Rights may be found online at: http://www.HarveyForTexas.com.