Times Record News: Our endorsement goes to Harvey Hilderbran

March 2, 2014

From the Times Record News:

Two candidates for key Texas positions sought the paper’s endorsement and were so enthusiastic about the prospect, we barely got a word in edgewise. Harvey Hilderbran, running as a Republican for Comptroller, and J. Allen Carnes, for Agriculture Commissioner, came to the interview with more stances than there was time. These two know exactly how they’d tackle their respective opportunities.

Hilderbran has written a Taxpayer Bill of Rights that squelches a lot of frustration Texans have with government. Here are just a few:

Stop cheating taxpayers on interest payments. “The State today treats its money as being more valuable than a taxpayer’s money. If a Texas taxpayer underpays taxes, the state charges interest on the unpaid tax at a significantly higher rate than the rate it pays when the State has to refund money to a taxpayer,” Hilderbran said on his website.

Stop collecting tax assessments until appeals are final. “I’ll put an end to this decades-old unfair practice,” Hilderbran writes.

Go to www.harveyfortexas.com to read the rest. They’re worth rallying around. Our endorsement goes to Harvey Hilderbran.