Hilderbran Submits Public Comment on IRS Regulations

February 28, 2014

As Part of 3rd Performance Pledge Item, Hilderbran will Fight IRS Abuse

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Conservative Republican candidate for Texas Comptroller Harvey Hilderbran, the chairman of the Texas House Ways and Means committee, submitted public comment late Thursday on proposed IRS regulations via the Obama administration’s Regulations.gov website.

The Obama administration has proposed new IRS regulations that transform the 501(c)(4) classification used by nonprofit groups for the purposes of “social welfare.”  Groups would be forced to either file as 527 organizations, requiring disclosure of their donors or as 501(c)(3) organizations, losing their tax-free status.

Hilderbran filed this public comment:

As the investigation into a blatant abuse of power by the IRS and its political targeting of groups has stalled under the leadership of a major Obama donor, we have now entered into perhaps even more dangerous territory.

As a legislator, small businessman and business consultant, I am deeply troubled about proposed regulations to force 501(c)(4) organizations to either end their tax-free status or be forced to disclose their donors.

This change is being done through the executive branch, intentionally going around the Congress which exists to write and pass laws.

The IRS has demonstrated a stunning and illegal targeting of conservative groups which hearkens back to the Nixon era and an enemies list. In Texas, for example, several nonprofit tea party and conservative groups, including two in Houston and Waco, have been specifically targeted.

As many are painfully aware, The IRS is totally out of control. Punishing conservative nonprofits and forcing them to choose between ending their tax-free nonprofit status or disclosing their donors, opening them up to political retribution, is wrong.

I, Harvey Hilderbran, oppose this new regulatory burden.

More information about Harvey’s Performance Pledge to the voters, including his pledge to protect Texas from IRS abuse, and his comprehensive Texas Taxpayers Bill of Rights may be found online at: http://www.HarveyForTexas.com.